How to create a video with Fraps + VirtualDub

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How to create a video with Fraps + VirtualDub

Post by rebelodicus » Sat Oct 18, 2014 12:09 pm

How to create a video from Fraps

I. Download the software

II. Set your shortcuts to be able to take pictures or videos while you play

Here are the settings that I recommend



Videos created from Fraps are very heavy. Several gigabytes for a few minutes of play. Therefore compress !

III. Compression with Virtual Dub

IV. Download the software

A. If you want to process a single video

1. You must click on file then click open video file (Ctrl + O)


2. Then select the file to be processed

3. Then click on video and compression (Ctrl + P)


4. Choose option Xvid Mpeg-4 Codec

5. Confirm by clicking OK

6. Click on File and Save as AVI (F7)


7. Name the document and save

The process begins and you just have to wait

B. If you want to process multiple files at the same time (I advise you to save time)

1. You do the same as above, but in step 6, you choose File and Queue Batch Operation and Save as AVI


2. You made this for all files, nothing will happen for the moment

3. Then, to handle all the files you click on File and Job Control (F4)


4. Click on start and you can go to sleep because it is long :D


Once your files are compressed, you can destroy the old (for example, in one evening, I created files about 130 GB, it is useless to keep it... So that in the end, new files are only 4 or 5 GB)

V. Create the assembly with Movie Maker

A. Download the software

B. I do not retail operations since it is relatively simple

C. Simply register by choosing 1080P high-definition display

Do not forget to add at the beginning of your video the intro video of the clan.

Then share your work on our Facebook page or on our forum or on Youtube !

Enjoy it mates !!!
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