New patch that changes quite a bit.

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New patch that changes quite a bit.

Postby Rebelodicus » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:31 pm


(From portal)

Greetings Commanders!

In this patch we have rebalanced how all of our points are granted. You'll notice that a lot of the changes here reference community concerns or feedback as these changes were designed hand in hand with your suggestions and thoughts on how the points system has been working since we introduced it. With these changes, hopefully things like base cap and missile block farming will become things of the past.


In past iterations of the points systems we have always attempted to balance points you earn based on the worth of the action. Killing a unit awarded you the same points as killing any other unit, winning the game by capture earned you (on a personal basis) equal points to winning the game by killing everyone, etc. However we have found that this causes an unsatisfying experience, as it ignores the effort put into the action. As such, points awarded for some sub-categories will increase, while some others will decrease.


Reduced capture points from 3000 to 2000 (for both capture and decapture)
Reduced capturing completed points from 200 to 100 (bonus per unit that is in the enemy base when the base is captured)
— This means the total amount of capture points you can receive in one battle is 4300. (2000 capture, 2000 decapture and 300 for bonus capture points per unit); previously this was 6600
Leaving the enemy base whilst capturing will lose you all of your current capture points (you will keep your capture points if decapped by an enemy whilst in the base)
— To be clear, if you get decapped while standing in the base and then leave the base, you will still lose all of your capture points
— This was to eliminate situations where players constantly run in and out of the enemy base in order to get as many capture points as possible
— We'll be keeping a close eye on the effect this has, and will take further steps if necessary if it begins to affect player behaviour negatively

Increased the amount of morale buff points you receive by 10 times
— We found that on average, the players who did the most morale buffing earned ~3 points per battle
— Previously we encountered issues with this sub-category, it's original introduction resulted in certain Commanders/Units etc able to get an extraordinarily large amount of support points, at which point we nerfed it into the ground (hence 3 points per battle)
— Given this past experience, we're taking baby steps and increasing it in relatively small increments
— It's worth noting again that we've adjusted the rewards values so you will still receive next to nothing for this point category, and it will stay this way until we are confident that the points earnings are stable

We have received a large amount of feedback (and data) that shows Missile Block points are being over-awarded and are too easy to gain massive amount of them. To this end, we have:

Reduced the amount of points you get per missile blocked
Implemented a soft cap for Missile Block points at 1500 - once this number is reached, you will receive an ever decreasing amount of points for subsequently blocked missiles
Implemented a hard cap for Missile Block points at 3000 - once this number is reached you will not earn any more points for blocking missiles
— Bear in mind that reaching 3000 Missile Block points will take a considerably longer amount of time than previously due to the diminishing returns

Reduced the amount of points you earn per unit spotted for the first time from 100 to 50

We agree that taking down an elephant feels unrewarding for the effort required. This was partly caused by a significant proportion of the points for eliminating units are given for killing entities/soldiers, which in the case of elephants is a single entity, meaning one player got all the points for killing the elephant, rather than being spread out amongst all those who fought the beast. To remedy this we:-

Doubled the amount of damage points that units will receive from damaging elephants
Reduced the amount of kill points that killing elephants rewards
Overall, this is a +70% increase to the points available for eliminating an elephant unit
Hopefully this should spread the points out more evenly amongst the players involved in the fight

Previously when a unit was shattered the remaining points left available for the health and kills of the entities left running away were lost, we have changed this!

Shattering a unit will now award players with kill and damage points equivalent to the remaining health/entities in the unit as if they had killed each entity
In the cases where multiple players have contributed to the rout event, the points will be distributed amongst all of the players that were responsible

Ability buff/debuff points is a long requested feature, and one we have often steered clear of implementing due to the challenges in making it work satisfyingly without also being abusable (e.g. sitting in a corner buffing each other's speed instead of playing in the battle). We have implemented a version that we are confident will properly reward players for supporting one another, while also not being easily abusable.

However, these points categories have never been tracked before, and we have no basis on which to begin balancing their values. Due to the sheer complexity of the calculation method, we also don't have any data that can shine enough light on the very specific situations that generate these points. So, to combat this, we have included the calculation side of these points in the background, but they will not be displayed on the scoreboard nor will you receive any rewards for them. This is to allow us to collect lots of metrics data from which we can reach a suitable balance.

We may well need to make changes to the underlying mechanics/calculations that generate these points, so we're holding off on going into detail about how they work until we're ready to turn them on properly (but the details will come soon!)



No longer able to Unlock "That Only Counts as One" achievement whilst there are no Ambiorix or Elephant players
"Aquilifer I" achievement will not be awarded in the 3d victory scene without being actually rewarded in the post-battle results
Corona Obsidionalis is no longer being given to a player when they should not have earned it
"Eliminated" Decoration now takes into account elephants killed
"Executed" Decoration now takes into account commanders with elephants
Ambiorix client-side achievements now work consistently
"Belgae's Revenge" client-side achievement now works consistently
"Prince vs. Princess" client-side achievement now works consistently
"That Makes Sixteen" client-side achievement now works consistently
Other fixes:

Minor Clipping in Caesar Skins in the frontend
Greek T9 + T10 Slingers have Rapid Shot which gets superseded by Cynane
Tier 8 Berserkers with Vercingetorix have Reckless Charge Superseded
Fixed a rare issue with selecting abilities

Fixed the unlimited Focus Fire bug (that also affected any abilities with that behaviour)
Implemented a fix for Replays not showing the battle correctly (units stopping moving or attacking the wrong unit). If you are still geting Replays out of synch, please let us know!
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