Bm8 Clan and community structure

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Bm8 Clan and community structure

Post by Stueck » Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:56 am

See all Ribbons here ... mKL5c/edit

Registered forum users can see and can make posts in:

A community is only as good as it’s members! Be a good influence!

Community member

Anyone using our Discord and joining chat and occasional games within the Bm8 network (Guests from other clans welcome)

Full Community member

Someone who has taken the time to apply to the forum web page and introduce themselves on the Bm8 forum ( index.php) and been accepted. A regular gamer willing to join in with others and uses Discord often even if they don’t post much..

Clan Members

Someone that is engaging regularly in one or more of the games listed in the forum or discord and has approved Tags. They fore fill everything a full Community member does also encouraging new membership and new members.


They can kick and ban someone from our CoD servers if needed to keep good atmosphere on the server. (Report in forum)
If you want to be an Admin you’ll need the following attributes
-High Discord use, Forums activity and In Game activity
-To be doing other good stuff for our community like taking care of something or organizing things/friends in the community
-Friendly, love jokes, are fun and publicly polite (If your rude in closed chat that is between you and your mates)
You can try to ask for this status but the best way is that if we offer it to you after we have the right feeling about you and your behaviour.
Above all you must be trust worthy, reliable and not disruptive!

You will also have a new forum link:
-[Bm8]admin chat

Best Mate Council

Bm8 Council is highest status you can get.
Councils can/will make all main decisions.

In the Bm8 Council group are guys who:
-Have been an admin of the Bm8 team for around TWO years
-High Discord, Forums and In Game activity
-Has donated some money to Bm8
-Are a “Mover and shaker” that works to further the interests of the BM8 community with the help of Admins and Clan members.
-Approachable, Friendly, love jokes, are fun and polite

You have to match not only one of those criteria but all of them.
But remember NEVER ask for Council status. We will invite you if we feel that you are the one. Anyways this is rare thing. (If we talk about term duration then there will be only one new Council per year or two.)

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